Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Whelping Box is Ready!

Amber is due to have her puppies this weekend. A visit to the
veterinarian for prewhelp X-ray shows probably 10 babies.
Because there are so many and the horns of the uterus are super-
imposed on one another in a lateral X-ray, it's hard to be exact.
But it is a large litter for a PWD. The average litter is 7 puppies.
My husband and I just assembled the whelping box this afternoon
and are awaiting the big event. Despite the holiday, wonderful
reproduction veterinarian Dr. Robert Dove will be there for me if
we run into trouble getting all the puppies out. His staff told me,
"Oh sure, we've done C-sections on Christmas before. Just call if you
need us." I am sleeping better knowing he will be there for my girl.
She comes from a line of great whelpers and great mothers so I am
optimistic that beautiful puppies will soon be lined up and
suckling on a happy mom.


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