Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blue Run's Right on Red bred this fall

This is Red (below). She is a spirited girl who is very agile. Red is an enthusiastic therapy dog who is very popular with patients. She has a date to meet Dickens, BISS CH Ebb Tide's Poetry In Motion (at right). You can see he was aptly named. He is a tight curly black boy who is currently the # 3 PWD in the USA.

Like her sister Honey Bear, Red has all the right markers to suggest her pups will have good health with a 1.5 fold decrease in the likelihood of producing puppies with Addison's Disease.
Red is an Irish marked wavy. Some of the puppies may get her flashy markings but most will probably have less white. Red has more drive than my other dogs and I anticipate her offspring will excel in agility and water work. Dickens is also very clever so this could be a group of very bright and challenging puppies. The anticipated whelp date is December 9, 2008.

PS. Nine beautiful puppies arrived on schedule. There are 6 girls and 3 boys
and all are wavy with white paws and chests. No curlies! We must not carry
that gene as Dickens is a tight curly and we expected some curly puppies.